Our Culture

Our success lies in our ability to provide Quality Service, Professionalism, Expert Advice and superior Contractor Client Relationships

• Superior Quality Services & Products As a complete Electro-Mechanical Solutions Provider, SETRAA provides not only prod- ucts and services, but more importantly SOLUTIONS.

• Professional And Successful Workforce At SETRAA we ensure strong and long-lasting relations with our employees. We constantly invest in training programs for our technical and administrative staff, and strive to keep them up-to-date with the latest technologies and best-practices available in the market.

• Strong Customer Relations At SETRAA we highly value quality partnerships. Our main priority is our commitment to the customer. We strive to cultivate long lasting relationships with customers. We aim to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations.

• Wealth of Experience & Expert Advice At SETRAA, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver high-end products while re- specting short time constraints for projects of elaborate design. This ability is drawn from the accumulated experience of our managerial and technical teams, who have overseen the execution of over 70 projects in the past two decades.

Our Strengths & Added Value

What is it that makes us stand out from the crowd?
What is our added value?

At SETRAA we address 3 key needs of the majority of clients:

• We minimize the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.

• We resolve any concerns through after-sales support and provide seamless integration of sys- tems and equipment.

• We are able to meet project deadlines and respect planning because of our strong relation- ships with international suppliers and their affiliates; be it on site or on the management level. Such relations lie at the core of the company’s concerns and work practices, and have been a pillar in the success of projects undertaken so far.

Our Work Methodology

SETRAA follows the strategy of “Quality and Integrity” and implements Total Quality Management (TQM) in order to meet the industry standards.

During the implementation process, we:

• Maintain specific standards by adhering to several certification programs.

• Assign a Project Management Team for every project starting from the planning and design stage until completion.

• Assign to each project a Project Manager whose responsibility is: to follow the day- to-day operations and to ensure the completion and quality control of the project handled.

For the post-implementation process, we:

• Ensure the prevention of “Downtime” and the protection of the customer’s critical sys- tems.

• Perform auditing of internal procedures and quality to ensure proper functioning of all systems in each project.

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Head Office :Dabab Street, Olaya 30th Crossing - P.O. BOX: 53008, Riyadh 11583, KSA